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ESNB Sollefteå (DS_Creations) [X11]

Tung på FPS (bättre kvalitet): –> Download <–
Lätt på FPS (sämre kvalitet): –> Download <–

Utvecklare: Dragoljub Blagojevic & Gagos (DS_Creations)
Instruktioner: Ozippa filen och lägg inkluderade mappen i din Xplane/Custom scenery mapp.


ESNB Solleftea-Langsele V1

For this airport it is required to have visual effects set on at least HDR.
För denna flygplats är det krav på att visuella effekter är satta på HDR

For libraries, just google on the following names:

-PuF Library
-ALES dev library
-FlyAgi vegetation library


There are two versions, one heavy(er) on frames and one light(er) on frames. The recommended version is heavy.

Developers Gagos & Dragoljub Blagojevic

Special credits:
To fine gentlemen MisterX for letting me include some of his stuff and distribute with my scenery. BIG thank you
To X-coder and mSparks that helpep with solving some issues as well as giving advice as to how to proceed! We wouldn’t have done it without you!
Thanks to Love P, and Vilhelm K for sponsring and photos



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