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Just after right back within compound, we unloaded the latest beer, put it toward a cut-from 55-gallon instrument and you can iced they down

Just after right back within compound, we unloaded the latest beer, put it toward a cut-from 55-gallon instrument and you can iced they down

Indeed there wasn’t any way we are able to load one to pallet straight back into the the newest lighthearted vehicle, so being the good Samaritans we had been, we piled as numerous circumstances as we could on our V-100-really we could not turn brand new turret. Obviously, there were particular sorry MPs one to night and you may a number of dreadful head aches the following day.

To the men who served on a V-100 for a year, the vehicle became more than just a machine. It became your life, your friend and your protector. All but two of our V-100s were named after comic book heroes. These included “Captain America,” “Thor,” “Big Ben,” “Flash,” “Spider – man,” “Barbarian,” “Atom,” “Daredevil” and “Iron Man.” The other two were named “Road Hog” and “The Lemon.” Each of the V-100s had a painting of the character or the name across the front, life-sized and in coloric book superheroes painted on the front of the V-100s made for an interesting article in Brand new Roundup, Saxony-Anhalt call girl our local GI newspaper. The April 1970 article was headlined, “66th MP Co. Super Heroes to Combat VC Wrong Doers.”

Occasionally we had our times, like the big date once we was escorting a convoy within the An Khe Admission and another of cars shed a whole pallet out of alcohol

David Good. Swisher stays in Marshall, Sick. The guy gotten the Armed forces Commendation Medal with V Tool getting their steps inside the ambush during the An Khe Ticket for the April 1970. For additional training, see: Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando 1960-71, from the Richard Lathrop and Jim Laurier; and you can Combat Police: U.S. Army Military Police in Vietnam, of the Rick Young.

Most of our problems came with the QL-19, however, I noticed much warmer thereon street than just towards QL-step one, simply because they there are so much more convoys to your QL-19 and that higher likelihood of content. My personal baptism out-of flames emerged with the plant during the hairpin bend regarding An enthusiastic Khe Pass. Our V-100 had already break through brand new hairpin and is actually headed off the brand new citation, in the event that westbound convoy was strike. The words “Contact! Get in touch with! Get in touch with!” appeared along side broadcast websites once i is actually riding, thus i turned into this new V-100 doing and you will went back up brand new ticket. Whenever we got to the fresh hairpin, We saw particular Korean troops pinned off. Included in this got his sleeve stuck-up in the air directing towards the south area of the hairpin change. We removed the fresh new V-100 between your Koreans plus the updates he had been directing so you can, therefore we you’ll let them have more safety and just have engage our firepower.

My V-100 was escorting a good convoy of Tuy Hoa 1 day when there’s a good amount of construction work at the trail, ultimately causing somewhat a keen accordion feeling

Things regarding powering the brand new ways daily are that you never know what unusual topic would happen 2nd. If the front of your convoy prevented, the trunk fasten. Then your top carry out initiate once more, and the convoy spread out till the buttocks you can expect to start. Due to this, We told the V-100 driver Reno Catalano to enter the middle of the newest highway therefore we keeps most other car out of our very own convoy up to we got outside of the framework city. Whereas we always assist reduced vehicle go ahead and violation the latest convoy automobiles, because there try a great deal structure I desired to save the brand new convoy clear of others visitors.

Using one convoy so you can Weil Nang, a automobiles strike a good Lambretta laden up with Vietnamese. It actually was a bit in pretty bad shape. The fresh Lambretta ran from the street and you will off an embankment. Once we got good dustoff there and you will got one thing removed right up a while, there are a myriad of black colored pajama-clothed those with guns position doing speaking and you can yelling. Because of the difficult, a misunderstanding could easily have arisen, before you to definitely took place i got away from around and you can right back to our convoy.

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